While employees stay at home, many companies continue to pay mobile subscriptions which are over-sized for the current situation. Downgrading can save many 10’000.- CHF/month.

For example: downgrade a “Swisscom NATEL go” subscription from “Global” to “Swiss” and that’s about 150.-/month you can save, or invest to provide collaboration tools or mobiles to more people.

With hundreds of subscriptions, it can represent many 10’000.-CHF each month, paid for a service you won’t use until people start traveling again.

Downgrading everyone is not the solution

For some people it can make sense to keep or even upgrade their subscription because they make more international calls. And we shall carefully monitor the usage to upgrade when people start travelling again.

Our software Tspendo identifies the ideal subscription for each user

Tspendo knows the Swisscom NATEL go subscriptions and tariffs, it reads your mobile invoices, simulates all scenarios and identifies the subscription producing the lowest total cost (subscription + traffic).

Contact us to learn more

We’d be happy to discuss your needs and we can run a quick analysis to estimate how much you could save.

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Tmanco SA / Toni Lazazzera

Telbi helps you manage your mobile costs

Mobiles gives you flexibility for smart working. With our online portal Telbi you can keep the costs under control, simplify the accounting process, increase visibility with automated reports, and more. Contact us for a demo.

We wish you good health and resilience to overcome these difficult times

After this traditional japanese cup got broken, it was repared with gold using the art known as “Kintsugi”. Instead of hiding or forgetting the problem (fractures), they were used to add beauty and value to the object.

You tried to trip me off, did you want to hurt me ?
I drew beauty from it, here I am more precious.