Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

We spent over 25 years and went through numerous projects in the area of “Telecom Management”. Projects like contract negotiation, RFP for global communication network, replacement of communication infrastructure, data crunching to understand what’s happening, and many more.  With passion, quality and independance, these projects have forged our most important asset: experience. Something we will be glad to share with you.

Our key differentiator compared to other consulting companies: Data Driven Consulting. Our telecom expertise is complemented with strong database programming so we can perform extensive data crunching and simulation of all the telecom data available to every enterprise (carrier billing files, logs from telephony systems, etc.). Your data have a lot to tell you, listen to them ! You’ll get unprecedented visibility about what’s hapening in your environment and this gives tremendous leverage to optimize it: eliminate or resize unused services, correct anomalies, negociate with power, etc. . This is exactly what I experienced when I was on the customer side as global telecom manager for Logitech (more about that).


Hereafter a just a few examples of how our experience can be used to serve your goals. Every situation is unique, let’s sit together and have an open discussion, then we’ll understand if there is a mutual interest with mutual gain.

Since 25+ years, we  work with large organisations to optimize their telecom services and costs, with many occasions to work on all aspects mentioned above. This experience enable us to benchmark your situation and be more efficient.

  • Provider: by working with many customers, we have a good knowledge of the market situation and can use this knowledge at your advantage during negotiations. We also use our software development skills to develop quick tools that enable us to get a detailed and precise view of your situation so we can negotiate where it matters and obtain conditions that are best suited to your situation.
  • Product: fix-mobile convergence is a typical product that can come in very handy to reduce the cost of international calls. With a client installed on the mobile, the international call is routed through your fix infrastructure. But does that make sense for you ? How much can you save ? This is the kind of situation we can analyse, and this is just one example. Our telecom expertise enable us to appreciate all the options you have to reduce your costs.

Sourcing is an important phase where it can be well worth investing enough time and energy. But these are scarce resources in a busy business, this is where we can help and bring you years of experience with a proven track record.

Over the years, we accumulated significant know-how to analyze any telecom data you may have (CDRs, billing files, etc.).

  • Our Telecom expertise enables us to appreciate the meaning of the source data
  • Our Software skills enable us to process your data in an efficient manner
  • Our Consulting experience enables us to interpret the results, extract the information you need

Bottom line, it’s all about turning DATA into INFORMATION into ACTIONS into BENEFITS !



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