Tmanco SA is a swiss telecom consulting company (Swiss registry of commerce), founded on Feb. 1st 2003 by Toni Lazazzera with the objective to provide large organisations with the tools & services needed to manage telecom services in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Graduated electronic engineer with postgrade as telecom engineer. Since 1990 I work in the management and optimisation of telecom services for large/multinational companies, first on the customer side (Logitech) then as consultant (INS AG) and since 2003 for my consulting company Tmanco SA. Over these years I also developped a passion for data anylstics and acquired the skills to develop software tools. With 25+ years experience and a combination of telecom+software skills, I can handle a variety of telecom projects with the ability to interact with most parties and speak their language, not only on the technical side but I’m also fluent in French (motherlanguae), Italian, English, German.


As telecom manager for Logitech, I felt the difficulties to get visibility over our global traffic and costs. For a postgraduate study I then developed a software tool to analyse my traffic and link it with financial information. This enabled me to detect anomalies and optimize costs.  I then worked as consultant for INS AG, observed that most large companies had similar challenges and finally decided to found my company to develop a commercial software for addressing these challenges.

When founding Tmanco, I developped a TEM solution to manage fix/mobile/data lines and read billing files from Swiss carriers (Swisscom, Sunrise, Orange, Colt, Cablecom). That tool proved to bring substantial benefits. In 2007 I decided to take a different way and partner with Anatole to distribute their leading TEM solution, this enabled me to focus on developping further services such as Tspendo, a software tool to analyse and optimize mobile costs for Swiss companies.

The TEM market is growing, mainly in USA where the context is more favourable (few carriers, large market). Companies in Europe start to realize the potential of such tools and ask for true TEM solutions, capable also to support their business across multiple countries with multiple carriers. I decide to abandon the development of GERTRUDE and partner with the company Anatole to distribute their service ATEM (Anatole Telecom Expense Manager).

In 2016 Anatole was acquired by Asentinel and Tmanco became partner of Asentinel. In 2017 Asentinel merged with Tangoe and Tmanco became partner of Tangoe. More about these M&A.

With the trend of mobile devices, companies are faced with the challenge to control costs, workload and security. The new strategy of Tmanco, summarized in the new logo and website, is to offer tools that address these challenges so that companies can unlock the full power of mobility. Tmanco distributes the TEM services from Tangoe . Tmanco also distributes the security products from Kudelski Security and Wandera.

In partnership with MobilReport , we offer now TELBI, a TEM solution hosted in Switzerland and intended for medium/large national companies.

This complements the TEM services (such as ATEM) we already offer in partnership with Tangoe and aimed at large national/multinational companies.


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