Since 2003, year after year, customers and business partners trust us and make our adventure not only possible but also enjoyable.

Every year around Christmas, as a thank you to all people who played a significant role in our adventure , we send a special gift: a card (you know, the old-fashioned paper version) featuring an artwork from a local artist, and in most cases the artist signs each card, turning it into an exclusive object. We also craft a message to go with the image and stimulate the reflection.

In 2018, to celebrate our 15th anniversary, we decided to share all Christmas cards on our website so you can enjoy the artwork, appreciate the message and discover the various artists.

In some way, even managing telecom services is an art. With creativity we can find new ways to leverage the technology and serve our internal or external customers. With innovation we can enable our endusers and our business to do more with less, stay competitive and have more time to enjoy life.

Thanks to all people who contributed or will contribute to our adventure

Toni Lazazzera
founder and owner of Tmanco SA

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