Lugano 20-21 Sept. 2017
Cybersecurity & Management Challenges Symposium

Mobile Interception – Privacy in a Wild Wild World

Interception of mobile conversations is something we have all heard about in the news, with keywords like Snowden, Echelon, NSA, Mrs Merkel and so on. Unfortunately the risk is increasing as it gets easier and cheaper to acquire tools such as malicious application, IMSI catcher, etc.

Linked with the increasing use of mobile devices, this is becoming a concern for more businesses and organizations whose voice & messaging conversations could be of high interest for a competitor, a state agency or a criminal organization. What are the vulnerabilities and how can we protect privacy in this wild wild world ?

CMC Symposium

Businesses and governments are acutely aware of the financial, reputational and disruptive effects of global cyber-attacks as they evolve in frequency and severity. Our goal is to assess, mitigate, and block cyberattacks, not only through expert insight on the scope and nature of an always evolving cyber threat, but to have those specialists offer viable solutions for the next generation cyberattacks.

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Voice & Messaging Privacy

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