An article published in Forbes magazine on Feb. 28th 2017, highlights the flaws in encrypted apps such as Signal, Whatsapp or Telegram.

Thanks to its expertise, Kudelski Security contributed to identify these flaws. It is also thanks to this expertise that Kudelski Security can give you the assurance that the product White Noise can be trusted to protect the privacy of your communications.

Just How Secure Are Those Encrypted Apps Leaking Trump’s Secrets?

… But, just as with any software, that’s not to say Signal is invulnerable to attack. Researchers have uncovered problems before and next month more issues are set to be disclosed. Markus Vervier from X41 D-Sec GmbH and Jean-Philippe Aumasson of Kudelski Security exposed weaknesses in Signal last year, one allowing an attacker to append duplicates of data from encrypted attachments and crash the app. The flaws were swiftly fixed by Open Whisper Systems, the developers of Signal, and were far from catastrophic, even before the patches….