Newsletter 2203

New package “Voice Travel”
for Swisscom NATEL go subscription

If you use Swisscom NATEL go, a new package “Voice Travel” enables you to reduce the cost of calls abroad.

We propose a free pre-analysis to quantify how much you can save using Voice Travel and all the available options.

You could be surprised to learn that your mobile invoice can be reduced by 20% or more.

What do you do to optimize the costs for hundreds of mobiles ?

For travelers, do you provide a higher subscription with high cost (eg: NATEL go Global) or do you take a lower subscription (eg: NATEL go Swiss) and add packages for Voice & Data ?

Do you spend days doing data-crunching to figure out what to do ?

Do you just pass the information to the users and hope they will figure out the cheapest option ?

Do you rely on Swisscom to define the subscription for each user ?

How we can help ?

We analyse your Swisscom bills over several months to understand who uses how many minutes / MB in which zone (Swiss, Europe, etc.)

We compute how much you would have paid if you had used a different subscription or if you had taken advantage of voice/data packages.

For each user, we tell you which is the cheapest option and how much you save. More on the methodology and sample analysis.

We propose to do this every month so we can detect & correct when a user changes his usage-pattern. This way, your costs are always under control and stay at their optimal level.

Which benefits for your business ?

When we do that, we observe the mobile invoice drops by about 20% … up to 40%

You achieve that with just a couple of hours of your time and the costs drop immediately. No long project with lots of resources and waiting before cashing in the profits.

All savings go straight into your bottom line, like an increase of your net profit. How much sales would you need to achieve the same increase ?

Or you can invest these savings to provide more services to your users, to make them more productive (eg: equip more users with mobiles).

How about your precise situation ?

We perform a pre-analysis free of charge, and can tell you how much you could save.

You then can buy the full analysis if you want all the details about what to do for each user.

The prerequisite is that you have access to your Swisscom Invoice Reporting files.

Kind regards
Toni Lazazzera