Newsletter 2111

Take advantage of the
new Swisscom NATEL go conditions

On July 1st 2021, Swisscom updated the conditions for NATEL go subscriptions

In case you missed it, here are some interesting changes you can leverage to optimize your costs or services

Some changes open new opportunities for optimization

Optimization can mean: DO THE SAME WITH LESS MONEY
Increase your net profit by reducing your mobile spend

But it can also mean: DO MORE WITH THE SAME MONEY
Increase your productivity and competitiveness by providing more services to your users
Equip more users with mobile devices, make them more productive, simplify home-office
Free-up some money for other projects (security, cloud, etc.)

We estimate the potential to 20% or more
meaning a 20% cost-reduction
or 20% more mobiles (or other projects)

What does that mean for your company ?
How much are you spending for mobiles ?
How much is 20% of that ?
What could you do with that money ?

We prepared an article describing:

the OPPORTUNITIES they open for optimisation
the ACTIONS needed to turn opportunities into BENEFITS