Two documentaries, from RTS – Swiss Television (in French) and CBC RADIO-CANADA (in English) illustrate how a hacker is able to listen into someone’s mobile conversations, read SMS and follow the person’s GPS position. What is quite worrying is that the hacker needs only … the mobile number !

Outside the security community, most people are usually not aware such hacking is possible, the feeling is that mobile communications are sufficiently protected. These type of documentaries on public televisions should help to raise the awareness, not only for the public community but also for enterprises who’s type of business can make them attractive targets.

These documentaries focus on the vulnerability called SS7 , which is the signalling protocol used by the core mobile infrastructure. Mobile communications are subject to other threats as well, find more in our presentation about mobile interception.

Solutions exist to protect you against such interceptions, WHITE NOISE, from Kudelski, is one of them.

RTS – Mise au point 27.05.2018  (in French)


Warning, someone is maybe listening or tracking your mobile phone ! Depending on the mobile carrier, it is sufficient to know the mobile number. Demo.

CBC News – Nov. 24th 2017

Hackers only needed a phone number to track this MP’s cellphone

Hacking a cellphone has never been easier thanks to a vulnerability in the international telecommunication network, and tests have revealed two of Canada’s largest telecom networks are at risk. All a hacker needs is your phone number, and they can track your movements and record your calls; all without your knowledge.

The National – Hacking your cellphone: tests reveal Canadians at risk

NDP MP Matthew Dubé took part in an experiment with CBC/Radio-Canada that revealed vulnerabilities in Canadian telecom networks. (Marc Robichaud/CBC)

Politics News – Who is vulnerable to SS7 cell phone attacks ?

Lex Gill, Research Fellow at the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab, weighs in