Can you imagine running a large business without some kind of ERP system that keeps your sales, your production and your finances aligned ?

Well, this is what happens when managing telecom services without some kind of TEM system that keeps each step of the Telecom Lifecycle aligned around a common process.

Managing telecom services in a large company involves many activities, usually performed by various people. It is not unusual to find situations where procurement uses an Excel file, IT uses another mix of Excel-Database, Accounting uses maybe nothing, etc.

At the end, the overall process is not optimum, this impacts the overall performance and the result is an invoice that is higher than what it could be. In other words: each step inflates the invoice.

Using a TEM solution federates all activities around a common tool, TEM acts as an ERP for your telecom services. This optimises each step and deflates your invoice.

The whitepaper hereafter describes how each phase of the Telecom Lifecycle is impacted by the use of a TEM solution, how each actor of this process can then contribute to reduce the overall invoice. Bottom line, we usually observe cost-reductions around 30%.