Success Story

Mobile devices give your workforce the freedom to work anywhere. Even though this increases the productivity, many organizations worry about increasing costs and limit the deployment of mobile devices.

By managing your mobiles in the right manner with the right tool, not only can you keep your costs under control but even reduce them drastically, as demonstrated in this success story from Tamedia, the largest private media group of Switzerland. By doing so, you can then feel free to equip more employees with mobile devices and enjoy increased productivity for your organisation.

The key: responsability thanks to visibility

« To reduce the costs, we needed the ability to provide our teams with transparent information so they could take ownership of their usage. Without this change of consciousness from people, there wouldn’t have been such an important reduction of costs»

Rafael Corvalan, Head of Corporate IT, Tamedia

DHL Switzerland

The global leader of transport and logistics increases productivity of its teams and decreases its costs by simplifying operations with our ATEM solution.

Genève Aéroport

In only three months after enabling the report distribution Genève Aéroport mobile spend was reduced by 50% and proved the selfmanagement model.