An external view from Bluehill Research on the acquisition of Anatole by Asentinel, and the position of this new player in the global TEM market.

Asentinel Acquires European TEM Leader Anatole
and Emerges as a New Global Superpower

Published: June 2016 | Analyst: Hyoun Park, Chief Research Officer | Report Number: A0242

What You Need To Know

On June 2, 2016, Asentinel announced the acquisition of European Technology Expense Management (TEM) vendor Anatole. This union  of market leaders, which will do business going forward as Asentinel, creates a new single-source global TEM player with an immediate opportunity to increase market share based on the geographic footprint covered by Asentinel and the combination of network, mobility, platform, managed services, and professional services of the two companies.

Blue Hill’s Initial Perspective

Blue Hill believes that this acquisition, unlike many, is closer to a merger among equals in the sense that both Asentinel and Anatole are market leaders of similar size with significant adoption in their native geographic areas, and are seeking to grow through geographic


The Announcement

Asentinel announces the acquisition of European TEM market leader Anatole, which unites two market leaders into a formidable global TEM provider with significant experience and geographic footprint.

What to Expect

Upselling of existing Asentinel and Anatole TEM customers to a consolidated Global solution, potentially pushing out existing vendors that are specific to North America, Europe, fixed network, or mobility management