The impact of BYOD on your costs may represent a financial risk if you are not prepared. The cost increase may even be a showstopper to your BYOD project and should therefore be estimated at the very beginning

This document was presented at the Clusis Strategic Day 2015 (Geneva, Jan. 23rd 2015). The objective is to provide a framework to estimate the financial balance sheet of your BYOD project, in order to prevent the financial risk you may encounter if you’re not prepared for the increasing costs.

Some studies claim that BYOD will boost productivity, others warn about increasing mobile costs. Our estimates show that a company with 1000 mobiles may see an increase of 1 to 2.5 mio CHF/year. Will it improve the productivity so much to compensate that extra cost ?

Which study can you trust ? None ! You must do your own estimations.

To understand the impact BYOD will have on your balance sheet, you must understand the impact it will have on the way you manage your mobile environment, how it impacts the costs & workload for all activities / actors / tools of your telecom lifecycle. This document proposes a framework to do that and provides some estimations based on our experience.

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