We use various collaboration tools to work together or hold presentations while far away.
Depending on the situation, some tools work better than others.

The buttons hereafter provide shortcuts to access the tool we will use for our interaction.
Please click on the button we indicated to you.

Best choice if you have Teams

If you use Teams, please tell us so we can try to use this tool. If it doesn’t work, we can then revert to other tools.

To contact us via Teams, just add our email address to your Teams contacts and initiate a conversation.


Our preferred tool for webmeeting

A secure and robust solution from Cisco


Preferred tool for collaboration

When joining the zoom session, you will be asked to download and install the Zoom application.

If that doesn’t work, click on “join from your browser”.


Quick & easy, just a web page (view only)

We use a streaming software to project our computer display on a web page. No security hassle- No software to install – No special permissions needed.

* Live streaming, may not work in some situations (uses ports 808x which could be blocked by your system)