For given situations or projects, we setup a reserved area to share files with customers or partners.

For that purpose we use our own private cloud, hosted in Switzerland at Infomaniak and based on the platform Nextcloud.

Login to nextcloud.tmanco.ch

Different ways to access your Nextcloud folder

Online through web interface

You can use a web browser to login to your Nextcloud account and access your files through an intuitive web interface.

See instructions to work with the web interface

Synchronize with local folder

You can install a desktop client and synchronize your files with a local folder.

See instructions and download client

Access files using WebDAV

Instead of synchronizing the files to have a local copy, you can leave the files on Nextcloud and access them like an external drive, using the protocol known as WebDAV.

See instructions in the Nextcloud user manual.

Map a Windows drive

On a Windows computer, you can also map a drive letter to your OwnCloud folder.

See the instructions in the following PDF